Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Visit to Amish Country and a Sneak Peek!

On Monday of last week, we made a trip to Berlin and Walnut Creek ( Amish country).  It was just my hubby and I and Kory.  My other two had to work, plus, they’re not a big fan of Amish country!!  We started out by going to Rebecca’s Bistro and Tea Room for breakfast.  I absolutely love this place!  If you ever make a trip to Walnut Creek, this is definitely a place you must stop at.  The food is wonderful ; not your typical Amish fare.  I usually go on a Monday or Tuesday and have never had a problem getting a table, but if you go at the end of the week, they suggest you make reservations. 

It’s established in an old home with wood floors and beamed ceilings.  One room even has the original logged walls.  Very charming!!  I took  what pictures I could while trying not to come across as a “tourist”!  lol

amish country 001 








   amish country 005

amish country 002 









This is the room we were sitting in.

amish country 003

 amish country 004










Even the bathroom is charming!

amish country 006

 amish country 007










amish country 008

My hubbyamish country 009 had an omelet made to order.   




I had the  Raspberry-stuffed French Toast.  Kory had the Apple-stuffed French Toast and started devouring it before I could get a picture!amish country 010

Here are a couple of outdoor pics:

amish country 011 amish country 012

After breakfast, we headed over to an antique store where I found two firkins!!  amish country 016

I paid $35.00 for the one on top and only $30.00 for the  bottom one with legs.  And let me tell you, the bottom one is HUGE!!  It’s 15 1/2“ in diameter and   14“ high.  Both will get makeovers that I will share with you later.

My purpose for going to Amish country was to find prim treasures, while my hubby’s main reason was to buy food!!  We stopped at a bulk food store where we bought trail bologna, assorted locally made cheeses, candied peanuts, a block of chocolate and other wonderful goodies.  The most exciting purchase, at least from Kory’s point of view, was the Fry Pies.  They are a “must buy” whenever I go.  The last time,  she picked  Strawberry w/cream cheese and  Lemon flavored pies and was disappointed that they didn’t have them this time.  Although she was happy that they had the Peach flavor that wasn’t available the last time.

Here’s our assortment of Fry Pies:

amish country 013         









I was hoping to visit a couple of stores that I normally don’t have the time to stop at during the school year because I have to make sure I’m home to get Kory off the bus, but it was 90 degrees and humid and Kory wilted like a flower!!   She was happy with breakfast, buying a videotape at the antique store and getting her Fry Pies – after that, she was done with shopping and was extremely grumpy, so I didn’t make it to the other stores.  Oh well, maybe another time.


 I mentioned in my last post that my hubby and I were working on a big project.  I’ll show you a sneak peek!!

amish country 014 amish country 015

So stay tuned!!!!


Until next time. . . . .Kris



  1. Hi Kris,

    YUM-O! I've not heard of Rebecca's so we'll have to check it out next time we go Walnut Creek. Lucky you to find those firkins! I'm sure they'll be prim perfect in no time. Your "big project" looks awesome! You two are definitely talented. I can't wait to see it all done.

    Let's hope this wave of heat/humidity comes to an end soon!

  2. Kris,
    I just love Berlin...we stay at the Carlisle in Sugar Creek.I'm talking my hubby into the drive in Nov. for my birthday!! Hmmmm ..can't wait to see what its going to be, but looks great so far!!

  3. great place to visit and have!!! the firkins..haven't seen a one here where we live...great photos..:)

  4. Wow, is all I can say Kris, I so want to got there, maybe I'll ask for a trip when my birthday rolls around next year:)

    I love the resturant and the food looks wonderful, so good! Your firkins are just great and I can't wait to see them primmed up!

  5. Oh yes! Nothing better then eating at Rebecca's Bistro and your food and hubby's food looks great! Mmmm YUMMO! I need to visit there sometime soon. I have had Fry Pies before and they are indeed tasty little things. Gotta love Amish made goodies.

    I remember seeing that BIG firkin on the bottom, have been keeping my eye on it and often had it in my hand and thinking about a wonderful re-do with it (lol).

    As for that new project... Oh, it looks wonderful so far and if I had to take a guess - could it be a prim cupboard/hutch?!? I can't wait to see it finished. Whatever it is going to be, it is gonna be good : )

    Hurry up now - I am not patient at all (lol).


  6. I enjoyed the bistro pics, and the food looks yummy! Cant wait to see whats up the the cupboard!

  7. Looks like a great place to visit and that food looks deee-lish and those fry pies, well load me up sister lol. Great buy on your firkins an they will look awesome with your makeover I'm sure. Now your secret project looks very promising and perfect for my farmhouse, lol - it will be fun to see the finish.


  8. Hi Kris! Loved your post - you've given me itchy feet - I really need to visit Walnut Creek!!
    What an exciting project. Can't wait to see the end result!
    Best wishes, Christine

  9. I love Amish country...and the pics are wonderful...the food makes me so very hungry!
    I can not wait to see what the two of you are working on...I am not as patient as some! LOL LOL
    Enjoy your week!

  10. Sounds and looks like a really nice trip Kris!....that food looks really yummy!....isn't it funny how we girls want to shop for stuff and the guys just want food?'s that way in my house too!....whatever that big project is you've started I'm sure it's going to be something awesome!....can't wait to see what it is! Janet

  11. Okay, now I am hyperventilating at the sneak peek! I can tell it will be great!!

    And I need you to teach me how to change the fonts on my blog. Is there a tutorial anywhere do you know?

    I can change it on the post as I do that in live writer, the rest, I imagine is somewhere in the html code?

    Thanks so much! hugs, Linda

  12. Rebecca's is awesome! We stay at Carlisle in Sugarcreek too, when we go out there from PA. I love visiting OH.

  13. That is a great place to visit as I have been in the area before! Looking forward to seeing all your projects finished.

  14. Now that's my kind of day, Kris! What a neat little restaurant...

    I hope you'll get back to your crafting too once the schooltime routine gets going again. I can't believe it's almost upon us already!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Oh wow, what a neat place, the food looks so goooood! :)

    Can't wait to see what you've been working on...
    I don't know what it is...but I do know it's gonna be awesome, all your pieces are :)
    Have a great weekend, Kris.


  16. I live so close to Amish Country.

    Susan in Wooster OH

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