Monday, September 27, 2010

A Most Memorable Weekend!!

What an amazing weekend I had!!

A couple of months ago, Bonnie, Linda and Audrey attended Walker Homestead’s “Simple Treasures From the Past” Antiques & Primitives show in June and were asked to be the judges for the Best Booth contest in the upcoming show in September. When I found out that Kristine was flying in from North Dakota to join in the fun, I was VERY envious!! I wanted to go SO bad!!

So when my hubby suggested that we take a little weekend trip, I was SO excited!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was going to finally get to meet these girls who I’ve become friends with through A Primitive Place forum! How cool is that?!!!

When Saturday morning came, I was extremely nervous! I couldn’t believe this was going to become a reality! Chuck dropped me off at the Walker Homestead on his way to go golfing and as I was making my way through, looking for APP’s tent, I saw Bonnie and Kristine cross over from the tent to a vendor’s booth. My heart dropped to my stomach! This was it….they’re HERE!! As I approached the tent, I was greeted with so much enthusiasm and warm hugs, that I felt an instant connection with these women, like we’ve all been long lost best friends! We seemed to feel at ease with each other so much that anyone who didn’t know the situation, would have had a hard time believing that this was the first time we’ve met!

I had the best time EVER!! I was so sad to see it come to an end! I didn’t want to leave!! I surely hope that we can get together again in the future!!

Here are all of us together!


Ashley (Photographer & cover layout), Audrey (Marketing Assistant), Me (Prim Project Coordinator), Kristine (Owner, Editor & Publisher), Linda (Photographer & Contributing Writer), Kris Casucci (Walker Homestead), Bonnie (Owner, Photographer, Director of Publications & Marketing), Doreen Piechota (Walker Homestead), and Margo (Photographer for the cover photos)

Here are a few pictures of the some of the booths.

Lots of Eye Candy!!!






I think Kristine saw something that she really liked!!




I really didn’t think we would have time to do anything else while we were in Sturbridge, but we were lucky enough to make it there by 3:00 on Friday afternoon and had the chance to visit the Old Sturbridge Village. It’s a wonderful place where you can experience early New England life from 1790-1840. They have historians in costume that carry out the daily activities of an early 19th-century community.

Mind you, for anyone that would like to visit the village, I recommend you give yourself more time to spend there than 2 hours like we did. We didn’t get to experience all that they had to offer, but, fortunately for us, we have a place here in Ohio close by called Hale Farm & Village that is very similar. You can watch blacksmiths, glass blowers, candle makers, basket weavers, brick makers and textile weavers as they apply their craft and share with you how these items were used in the earlier times.

This is the Friends’ Meeting House


These next two are of the Freeman Farmhouse:



(Look at those stone walls!!)

This one is just a random shot


You could take a ride on the stagecoach:


After our ride, the driver was very gracious to climb down and hold the horses so that Kory could pet them. While talking with him, after he learned where we came from, he informed us that he bought both of the horses in Holmes county, here in Ohio (aka Amish country!) How cool is that?!!


These next 3 shots are of the pond and lake that are on the premises. What a gorgeous view!!!




This photo is of the Carding Mill. I love this stone wall, too!


Here is the Parsonage’s House


The Firearms & Textiles Exhibit


The Glass House & Cottage


I love all of the stone walls that are all throughout Massachusetts!

These next two photos are of the Herb Garden. I would LOVE to have a garden like this!!




On the way there and back, we enjoyed looking at the gorgeous scenery! The trees were starting to changes colors and it was a glorious sight! I took a few pictures. Not all of them turned out….after all, it was kind of hard in a moving vehicle! lol

This was a beautiful sight to see at 7:00 am! It was in New York, a few miles from the Pennsylvania border.




This last shot is in Pennsylvania. I thought it was gorgeous!



Well, that’s all for now. I know you’ve been waiting to see the 2 big purchases that I mentioned in my last post and I promise you, I’ll post them in a couple of days.

Until Next Time. . . . Kris

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unveiling Of APP’s Holiday Issue



We will be unveiling the cover and a

few sneak peeks of our

Holiday/Winter issue of

A Primitive Place Magazine


at 7 pm CST/8 pm EST

along with a

special announcement!!

Check it out by visiting

A Primitive Place Forum



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