Monday, August 24, 2009

It’s Finally Done!!!

Although, I have to be honest. . . .it’s been done since last weekend!  I’m just having a hard time coming up with a display that I’m satisfied with and on top of that, I wasn’t happy with how my cupboard looked in the many. many photos I’ve taken!  I’ve tried so many different lighting angles, but they all kept making it look blotchy and shinier than it really is.  I’m not happy with the pics that I’m posting, but I wanted to show you my cupboard.  These pictures definitely don’t do it justice!!

So, without further ado. . . . .my new Stepback Cupboard!!

Master Bedroom 2009 010

Master Bedroom 2009 011

Instead of using stain, I gave the cupboard two applications of Dark Brown Briwax.  And it’s ironic, since we’re all posting about textures, but this thing feels amazing!!  I have painted and refinished a lot of wood and I have never finished a piece that feels as smooth and rich as this one does!  It is so soft and luxurious feeling, it’s unbelievable!!  I guess that’s  why I’m upset with how it looks in pictures, because I can’t capture the true essence of the finish.

I had to use a flash in the first two photos and it makes the aging I did around the edges look a little harsher than it really is.  Again, these pics really don’t do my cupboard justice!!

Did you notice that I solved my display dilemma?  Even up until today, I was playing around, trying to come up with something (I even stenciled a new sign!), when I realized that I could take photos without getting the complete top area in the picture!  AHA!!  And what you see peeking out of the bottom picture isn’t staying.

I even cross stitched this little bag using a free pattern from primitivebettys. Click here, and it will take you to her blog. Thank you, Betty, for generously offering these fabulous free patterns!

Master Bedroom 2009 013


Are you wondering where I’ve put this cupboard? It’s in my bedroom.  It’s replacing a big ole clunky cupboard that we made a few years ago to accommodate an older 19” tv.  And, unfortunately (or should I say “fortunately” - wink, wink), the tv broke and we replaced it with a much slimmer 22” flat screen!

This is as you walk into my room, there’s double bi-fold doors to the right of where I’m standing.  You can see a portion of the old cupboard poking out on the right.  And there’s the blanket crane that I did a tutorial on a while back.  If you missed it, you can click here, and learn how to make one for yourself.

Master Bedroom 2009 002

Master Bedroom 2009 001

I’d like to reupholster the wing chair with the fabric on the left and my dream bedding  is the tea-dyed Pinwheel quilt from Choices Quilts, pictured on the right.

Master Bedroom 2009 015

I desperately need new bedding! lol  We made all of the wood pieces shown here.  We cheated on the nightstands, though.  We bought unfinished kitchen wall cabinets from Home Depot and put side panels and a top on.  I made the tree behind the bed.  I’ve never been fond of the artificial ficus trees, so I bought some realistic leaf stems from my local craft store and drilled holes in a large, straight stick I found in the woods behind my house, then hot glued the stems in the holes.  I made two other trees (I’ll show them on another post), one looks like a cherry tree and the other looks like a willow tree.  I put them away for a while because one of our cats kept trying to climb  them, even after he was declawed.

Master Bedroom 2009 007

Master Bedroom 2009

Master Bedroom 2009 009

Master Bedroom 2009 006

There’s an area to the right of this night stand that just has a laundry basket sitting on the floor where all of the dirty laundry gets tossed into. I’m working on an idea to replace the basket.  And then after that area, is a doorway that goes into the master bathroom (which is to the left of my stepback cupboard).  I’ll share pictures of all of the bathrooms in a later post.

So, that was a little tour of my bedroom.  I hope you enjoyed it!  I’ll share more pictures later when I get my cupboard display figured out and I also want to tweak things on the white shelf over my bed (that’s why I didn’t show an up-close photo!).

I have many projects lined up to work on, including a new peg board to hang in my living room and a “now you see it, now you don’t”  project for my dining room.  I’ll definitely share those with you when I get them done.

Once school gets back into session, which is this Thursday, I’ll be back into my normal routine and should get a lot of stuff done!! Yayyy!!!


So until then. . . .Kris


  1. What a beautiful cupboard Kris, I just love it! The color looks amazing! The briwax finish looks great. Your bedroom is amazing too, you should be so proud of all the work you have done. Enjoy!

  2. Wow Kris,
    i love your bedroom. That cabinet looks fantastic! I hate the way flash does that on my pics too. It really is great- I am sooooo jealous. Char and I are getting together today and making your blanket crane. I am excited! My dad cut the wood for mine and it is ready to be painted. I got a small quilt for it at a sale for $3.00. I will post pics soon at the prim schoolmarm. Thank for your inspiration, Kim

  3. Kim, Your bedroom is amazing. The stepback is beautiful along with all your other furniture in there. Great job and thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day.

  4. Kris that cupboard is gorgeous!!!!! You did a great job finishing it. It's perfect! Your bedroom is so cozy and so beautiful! I love looking at your home. I think I will have to borrow a few ideas from you, if that's okay? That was a great idea for the tree, and I love the lights on it. Very romantic. I also love the corner cabinet over the chair. What a lovely place to sit and relax. I just love everything in your room! Have a great day! Hugs, Loretta

  5. Kris, your stepback came out awesome and I know the finish in person is awesome too. The BriWax is great. Your bedroom is great too. Everything looks so warm and cozy..Love the placement of the bed and nightstands. Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait til you post again. Have a good week.

  6. Kris your new cupboard looks awesome. I have never used briwax.I might have to try that some day.Your entire bedroom is very nice.I luv all of your furniture pieces and the way you have decorated.It IS "Simply Prim".:0)Sherri

  7. Do your talents ever cease?
    This is amazing! I so love the feel of the Briwax too...there is something so great about the way a piece feels with it! Do you find yourself touching it whenever you pass by it? LOL
    Your bedroom is so cozy and prim...LOVE IT!
    I bet you can't wait to snuggle in at the end of your day!
    I just can't get over that stepback cupboard...I keep going back and looking at it!
    Have a great week!

  8. Oh, Kris I just love it, I've never used briwax but seeing your cupboard make me want to! Love your bedroom and also the fabric and quilt that you would love to get, great job.
    Have a great Monday.

  9. WOW is all I can say - that cupboard is amazing and looks beautiful. I can't tell you how many times I have taken so many pictures trying to avoid that flash on the furniture - I understand how hard you worked to get the right picture and being frustrated on not getting the way it really looks. BUT sister it looks amazing and you guys did an awesome job. As usual you leave us hungry for more and more, lol.

    Hugs - karen

  10. The cupboard is beautiful. I have used Briwax before and it does make everything so smooth. Can't wait to see what you display. I LOVE your bedroom!! Everything looks so calming!! I would love to have more room in ours for more displays, but it has three windows, two doors and a closet. Not much room left. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. Take care.

  11. Kris,
    Your stepback looks awmazing!Loved your bedroom pics as well!

  12. Kris, that piece is absolutly amazing!! I love it and i love to use Briwax too! YOur bedroom is so full of inspiration, just beautiful!!

  13. Now that was worth waiting for! JUST GORGEOUS!! Can you send my DH some of that woodworking talent my osmosis maybe? LOL

    What a great addition to your already wonderfully prim bedroom. I just love it!!

    hugs, Linda

  14. Your cupboard is wonderful Kris. There is nothing wrong with the pictures you took. I love your bedroom decor. Everything looks so prim and cozy. I'd love to have you come over and redo mine someday! hint hint!!
    Have a great week.

  15. Oh-My-Gosh....that cupboard is AMAZING!!....Briwax huh?....I'm definately going to have to try that because I find stain sometimes difficult to work with and the results often unsatisfying on the wood projects my husband and I work on....your bedroom is definately have the magic decorating touch Kris!

  16. WOW! It's gorgeous! What a wonderful addition to your bedroom, or ANYWHERE you would want to put it! I love it!

    And your bedroom is adorable and very charming! So nice that you two have made everything and really put your own stamp on it.

    I really enjoyed the mini tour! Have a great week!

  17. Kris your new step back is fantastic - as are the pics of your bedroom. It all looks just as I imagine a warm comfy home to be like. Thanks for sharing, best wishes Christine

  18. It turned out fantastic, Kris! And it looks great in the bedroom. We just remodeled our bedroom but I need to make it a little more prim and/or colonial. You guys did a great job!

  19. beautiful cupboard - you have a lovely room, you are so very talented!

  20. oh your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting..I just want to curl up and take a how you decorated it..and I love that hutch..I love the colors did a fantastic job..can't wait to see the rest..:)

  21. Kris, this is ao awesome!♥♥♥ Now I want a big one like this!!!!Super job in the finishing....

  22. WOW WOW WOW - That cabinet is absolutely beautiful. I can tell it is smooth and absolutely gorgeous!! Your bedroom looks so nice and cozy. Thanks for sharing.


  23. Your bedroom is so beautiful!!! I just love everything you've done in there. The Stepback Cupboard turned out awesome!! Our bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover and this definitely motivates me! Thanks for sharing pics.


  24. Fantastic piece, Kris! You guys did a fabulous job! Awesome craftsmanship!!

    I use Briwax too, and WILL NOT use anything else! LOL....a stain finish cannot compare to a waxed finish! It's a bit more $$ to finish pieces with the BRI but its worth it to me :) The time we put into making our pieces is so worth the extra cost to get sucha rich smooth brillant finish in the end!!!
    Your bedroom is just beautiful and your new stepback will look so nice in there.

  25. I just have to have that cabinet.
    YOu can just ship it my way. ok :-)
    Love your bedroom picture too.
    Prim blessing

  26. OMG Kris! Once again I stand in awe. I wouldn't even know where to begin making such a magnificent piece of furniture. The finish is just beautiful.

    I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for us.

    Have a great week!


  27. Your new stepback is gorgeous, Kris! And your bedroom is a beautifully appointed oasis. I can't wait to see more!

  28. I love your cabinet it's absolutely gorgeous. I really love your bedroom!


  29. Love your step back Kris! Beautiful...I would love to have that in any room in my house! You have a great talent in woodworking and decorating (love, love, love your bedroom), did I tell you I LOVE your BR?? I can't wait to see your future posts..don't make us wait to long ok?
    Have a great week.

  30. Kris: Wow what a gorgeous piece of furniture. Your talents amaze me. Love your blog and your beautiful home.....regards kim

  31. Your bedroom is beautiful and I love your cupboard. You do amazing work!!

  32. That cupboard is gorgeous...and your bedroom is also! Simply perfect!

  33. Hi Kris, I LOOOOOVE your stepback. It is awesome! Beautiful piece. Your bedroom is great too. Everything in your house looks so warm and cozy.Love the pictures.

  34. I'm sure when your home graces the pages of Country Sampler, they will get the lighting just right! Beautiful!

  35. Wow is all I can say Kris! That cupboard is amazing! Your bedroom is so it!

  36. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'll be by to load it up in the back of my truck! Will you box up all the extras as well? LOL
    You guys should be VERY proud of yourselves!!!
    LOVE IT ALL! Thanks for sharing your home through pictures! AND thanks for all the tutorials! :-D

  37. Kris, the stepback looks great. the other pictures are also great. can you come to my house and do your magic. Grannyb (toni)

  38. Kris,
    Your bedroom is stunning! And I will be stealing your idea for the end tables. They are great! Love your stepback, just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, I really enjoyed them and now I have a new project for my husband. :)

  39. I love your bedroom, it provides so many great ideas!I love how your bed is on an angle and you have such nice tables and shelves not to mention all your wonderful little extras. Did I see a ceiling fan, I have to have on in my room as well as an airconditioner , it gets so hot, but I could cover it up abit! Thanks for sharing such a lovely warm room!

  40. Wow. This is really nice. I was just wondering if you painted the cupboard first or is it just the 2 coats of briwax?


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