Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Antique Finds and Morning at The Fair

First of all, I want to share with you a couple of finds I found at a local antique store.

I found this 15” Munising bowl for $15.00.

 Anitque Finds 001.JPG 01

And aren’t these fantastic?  The little pumpkins were $6.00 and the large pumpkin was $14.00. 

Anitque Finds 003

They’re made by a woman that has an antique/prim store in Curtice called The Grainary which is located in The Big White Barn at Bench Farms Greenhouse.  It’s about 2 hours away from me, near Toledo.  I would love to go see her shop because the display she has set up at my nearby antique store is fabulous.  She has a great talent of mixing antiques with handmade primitives.   So if any of you live nearby, you have to check this place out (and then let me know if it’d be worth the 2 hour drive!)




Yesterday the kids and I went to the county fair to watch my niece’s 3 year old son (the one that I babysat) show his goat in the Intermediate level.  He did a fantastic job!  He handled the goat very well for only being 3!

Drew at Fair 2009 009












In the Intermediate age, they all get a ribbon and a medal.

Drew at Fair 2009 020

After the goat show, we walked around for a little while to look at the animals.  It was great, because there was hardly anybody at the fair.   We got to see the Petting Zoo, whereas last year it was so crowded you we couldn’t get near it!

Kory got to feed some baby kangaroo.

Medina Fair 2009 003


We saw these cute little guys. . . . .

 Medina Fair 2009 011

Medina Fair 2009 012

Medina Fair 2009 007

Medina Fair 2009 005

And even this guy!!!!!

Medina Fair 2009 014 


Kory wanted to ride the camel,  but at the last minute she wanted me to ride with her!  Not a smooth ride!!!

Medina Fair 2009 015

We then checked out the Petting Farm.   Now let me tell you,  I could have taken several of the animals in this barn home with me!!

Aren’t these little pot-bellied pigs cute?!!  Too bad they can’t stay that size!

Medina Fair 2009 019


And these little guys . . . .aren’t they adorable?!!

Medina Fair 2009 021

I love the Lions-head bunnies.  They have fur around their head that mimics that of a lion.

Medina Fair 2009 023

Who couldn’t love this face? 

Medina Fair 2009 026

Until next time . . . . . .Kris


  1. Kris,

    Oh the snake gave me the creeps! lol!

    What a big guy the little 3 year old was showing his goat! That looked like a really fun time (except for the snake)!

    Love those pumpkins and great find on the bowl too! I'm getting excited about fall decorating now!

    Have a great evening,

  2. Gotta love the bowl and I love those pumpkins. Looks like you had a great time at the fair and I can only imagine the ride on the camel...uh yeah, I would have been a bit nervous (lol).

  3. Those animals are so cute I loved the lion head rabbit...not the snake though.

    Neat bowl and love those pumpkins:)

  4. Kris,
    I love the pumpkins & what a find with the bowl. Your little nephew looks so cute. Love all the animals at the fair. We are going tomorrow night.

  5. Wow he looks a lot older than 3 walking around that arena with his goat - great job for him. Love the pics of animals - could do without the snake tho, lol.

    Those pumpkins are prim-perfect and a great addition I'm sure to your fall decor.

  6. oh it looks like you had lots of fun..cute baby animals..except for that your prm things you got as well...;)

  7. You find the best treasures, Kris! And I enjoyed all of your fair pictures too. They got me thinking about the Cumberland Fair that is held a few towns away from us each fall. It's always a good time.

    I hope you're enjoying your week, my friend...

  8. I love the bowl and pumpkins.



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