Saturday, August 22, 2009

Simply Prim Textures

Okay, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and post some pictures of textures in my home, too!  I took these pictures kind of quickly and as I was sorting through which pictures to post, I thought of a few other things I should have taken pictures of.  So like many of you, I will probably post more pictures later!

Here’s what I took so far . . . . .

textures 001 textures 002textures 004 textures 003

 textures 005

textures 006 

textures 007

textures 008 textures 009


textures 010

textures 011  textures 012textures 013 textures 014textures 015


I promise I’ll show my “big project” on my next post!!

It’s finally done; I’m just playing around with different displays.


So until next time . . . . Kris


  1. Wonderful textures, Kris. Thanks for sharing & I can't wait to see more. It's fun, isn't it?


  2. Kris,
    Wonderful textures that you shared. It is fun trying to figure out what some of them are.

    Looks like you had a nice time in Amish country...I haven't been there in years, but hope to make a trip there this fall.

    Can't wait to see your big project all finished!!

  3. Great job Kris. I love how you have different fabrics grouped together like in the last pic. I didn't do that in mine. I see we have a few that are similar. I love all the colors. What is that in the first pic? Have a great day. Blessings, Loretta

  4. While each of us have shown different things, some common ones keep showing up! We all have great taste I guess! The 4th one down intrigues me...A bowl or plate??? Hummmmmm....

  5. Kris i enjoyed all the textures, you have some great prims, i am really excited about this project you r teasing us with!

  6. Couldn't wait to see your textures and now I can't wait to see your new project. If I know you then I am sure it is going to be a dandy!!

  7. Wonderful Kris! I love them all! I think I even see a pineapple? Looking forward to seeing more!
    Thanks for joining in!

  8. Your textures are wonderful Kris and I can't wait to see the big project! Janet

  9. Great textures and wonderful photos! And so much fun trying to figure out what some of them are! ~~Annie

  10. Beautiful testures, I enjoyed all your great pics Kris!!
    I spied a pineapple ;)

  11. Great texture Kris. This was so much fun.

  12. Kris, you are the greatest to share all you ideas and show us how to do them. thank you so much and Happy Birthday!!!


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