Monday, November 16, 2009

Styrofoam Oranges

I’ve had a few people wanting to know where I got my styrofoam oranges at.  The ones I had pictured in my tutorial post were purchased last year at a craft store chain in Ohio called Pat Catans.  I went to 2 different stores on Friday to buy some more, but they didn’t have any.  I found a bag of 6 oranges at Michaels craft store for $9.99, but they seemed very hard.  I wasn’t sure if they were made out of stryofoam or a hard plastic, so I didn’t buy them.   I later went to Joann Fabrics where they had individual ones for $1.99.  They looked and felt hard like the ones at Michaels, but I bought a couple anyways to see if they’d work.  A screwdriver poked into them very easily!!    So if you’re looking for oranges, check out Joanns!  Those 40% coupons will come in handy, too!!




  1. Thanks Kris!...I was going to email you to find out where to get them!!!~~hugs,Jen

  2. I got some real ones today and told my husband to get cheap cloves, they were 11 dollars for a little container, I said take them back, lol. No way am I spending that much to stick them in oranges;)


  3. Walmart and Dollar Tree have stryofoam oranges for $1.00 each. :)

  4. I have seen artificial oranges with cloves already in them....not sure if they're real cloves or not but the cloved oranges I've seen look great!


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  6. Opps, I had to delete my first post - I called you Kim.....

    Thanks for the are so helpful.

  7. Thanks for the email Kris. I hope I find some oranges this weekend. I'm going to do lemons as well. They look really good too done this way.

  8. Thanks for letting us know! Have a great week!


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