Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Few Homemade Christmas Decorations

I just wanted to share with you a few Christmas decorations that I have been working on.  I haven’t started decorating yet (not until Thanksgiving night), I just threw some lights and garland on a tree so I could take pictures!!

Do you remember these?


Well, these are what I did with them.  I wanted them to look more like an old St. Nicholas with hoods instead of caps, but I just couldn’t get them to look right.  So these are what I ended up with.  I think they turned out okay.  I have 10 completely done and have 10 more just about done.  Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to put them!  LOL  I think I might tuck them in the garland on my mantel.


For those of you that thought I sculpted the faces, thank you for your confidence in my crafting abilities, but I used a mold!!  LOL   I’m not sure about other craft stores, but for you fellow Ohioans, Pat Catans carries them in the Sculptey/Fimo clay section.  I inserted small brown glass beads for the eyes and used cotton roving that I bought several years ago  from somewhere I don’t remember for the beard.

I also cross stitched 12 of these little ditty bags.  I loved the ones that Kath (The Olde Weeping Cedar) made and posted on her blog and decided I wanted to make some similar.  I may swap out the sweet annie with some cedar when I buy my fresh greens, but I don’t know.  They look better in person – the sweet annie shows up better than in the picture.


I made these a couple of years ago.  I just wanted to show them to you now in case anyone liked them, they would have plenty of time to make them.  But looking at them now pictured like that, I may change the buttons to smaller ones.  LOL 


I also made these a few years ago, too.  They are made out of paper mache with whole pepper corns for the face and fimo clay for the nose.  I’ll post a tutorial on Friday on how to make these.












So check back here on Friday to learn how to make these, plus I’ll recipes for Homemade Marshmallows and Oreo Truffles!

Until Next Time. . . .Kris


  1. Kris....give me a minute while I drag my bottom jaw back up to my face, LOL....those Santa heads are AMAZING, they look WONDERFUL....and I LOVE the little ditty bags!....cedar would be fabulous in you buy your fresh greens online by chance?....I have been searching for somewhere to buy a small amount of fresh cedar to place in a bowl so if you have a source I'd love to hear about it!....the snowmen are ADORABLE and I LOVE LOVE the hearts!!....You never cease to amaze me woman!!


  2. They all look great! You are so creative! I ahve made many snowmen in the apst and would ahve never thought of using peppercorns! I tried to use cloves, but they always broke, so they wouldn't work.
    Have a great day!

  3. WOW those are great! Love the snowmen and the santas turned out great!

  4. LOving those santas girl, FAntastic job!! I am sorting through my store bought ornaments, to replace with handmade. You have given me some great ideas! Thanks Kris, you are always so inspiring!

  5. You could have kept the secret! I thought you sculpted the faces yourself. You could have, ya know. Can't wait to see the tutorial on Friday. I need more ornies for my tree! TFS

  6. Hi Kris,You are one of the most creative girls in the blog land. Everything looks awesome as always. Love,love your decor. But the Santa faces are AMAZING. I also loved the ditty bags made by Kath, what a great idea. Yours are beautiful too. I will make some for my tree when I finished my swaps goodies and some orders. Take care, can't wait to see more pic's.

  7. These are just amazing! I love the Santas!! The ditty bags are very cute and prim, they would look great filling a small tree, just simple enough to make a huge impact! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. Kris your Santa's are amazing! Love those ditty bags too! As always, everything you make is just wonderful!

  9. THhose bags are just precious! Can't wait for the truffles recipe. Oreo truffles?! Wowzer!

  10. Your ornaments are wonderful. Looking forward to the recipes and tutorial.

    Have a great one, Janie

  11. The Santas turned out so cute! Love the little
    snowmen, too...Great decorating ideas!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  12. Kris....glad you posted the finished Santas...........they are so cute. Love all of your things, of course!

  13. Dang Kris! Those turned out amazing!
    You do know how talented you are...don't you?
    I bet your home is beautiful during the holidays!
    I'm looking forward to you tutorial!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday...even though it is so so dreary!

  14. Your decorations are awesome! Can you teach us how to make the hearts too? :)

  15. One talented Lady...looking forward to Friday

  16. Kris your Santa's are so cool....Thanks for sharing, I love everything you have posted! Can't wait for Friday...Girl you are very talented!
    Have a great evening!!

  17. Hi Kris,
    I have been a reader of your blog for awhile but don't think I ever commented before..ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! You and Your Hubby!! Love everything you do..So enjoy your blog. Have a great day!!
    Tracey In Paradise Pa.

  18. Everything is just so cute and they all look like they were fun to make. But I really, really love the Santa faces. They are just fantastic. Happy Holidays to you and love your blog.

  19. Kris those St Nick's are the coolest Christmas ornaments I have seen in ages! Just perfectly prim. Great job!!

  20. I love all of them Kris! The St. Nicks turned out so very prim, and thanks for the idea of using peppercorns. Never would have thought to us those.
    I don't think your buttons are too big.


  21. I LOVE the Santa faces!!! They are awesome but I am sure time consuming but perfect :) Actually everything is prim be honest I couldn't just choose one thing, I would have to choose them all :)

    Exactly how did you make the hearts? Is there a filler in between? Looking forward to Friday because I would love to be able to make some snowman heads :)

    I'll be back :)

  22. Love all your make overs. Those Santa heads are amazing! I loved them even before you put the beards and hats on. I just love them.


  23. Those olde santas are FANTASTIC, Kris!!! FANTASTIC!!
    They look awesome!! Don't s'pose ya wanna make some for me?? ;)
    Love-LOVE your ditty bags too....gosh I can't wait to see your home all decked out, girl!!

    Have a happy day!

  24. I'm lovin' it all Kris ! Those Santas are just wonderful...the ditty snowmen...pea pickin' cute and I woulda never thought to use peppercorns ! Awesome shares.
    Have a blessed Day

  25. Wow what wonderful ideas. I really must try harder. Thanks for sharing your amazing photographs.

  26. You're a woman of many talents, Kris! I love all of your Christmastime handmades and I am so looking forward to tomorrow's post. Food and crafts?! What could be better?

  27. Another truly inspirational post! You really do have the best ideas.


  28. You do such wonderful work. I love the snowmen and the prim hearts that can go in a wooden bowl or put a string on them and hang them on your Chritmas tree. Thanks for sharing.

    God Bless friend,

  29. Great ornaments you have for your tree. Those santa heads are so cute as well as the snowmen. The ditty bags - awesome. As always you inspire.

    YLSF (can you figure that out,lol) - Karen

  30. What a GREAT!!! post, so many things to look it. I love the Santa ornaments.


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