Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Exhausted!!!

I forgot how exhausting chasing after little ones can be!! I watched my nieces two little boys yesterday because her regular babysitter was on vacation. Drew is 3 and Nick is 2 and boy are they busy little bees!
My daughter, Kory, who has Down Syndrome, was so excited for them to come. She wanted to help babysit them and was very good playing with them, athough sometimes she got them a little too riled up! She was playing monster with them and chasing them around. And how my 17 year old son could sleep through all of the roaring and screaming and the laughing and giggling, is beyond me!!! He slept through all of the noise!

Luckily, I kept some of my kids' toys from when they were little, so it was nice to have something that little ones can play with when they come to visit. We had so much fun playing with trains and tractors. We built a fort with a sheet that they had a blast playing under!!

We went outside for a little while and kicked a ball around and swung on the swing under the trees. They tried playing basketball, but the hoop was way too high for them and they would get to laughing at their failed attempts. I decided to taking the ball playing back on to the grass because they were laughing so hard that they were stumbling going after the ball and I was afraid one of them was going to fall on the concrete and scrape their knee.

We made peanut butter cookies with chocolate & peanut butter chips after lunch. Drew was a big help adding ingredients and stirring, but Nick just wanted to play with a bowl of water that was in my sink! They were excited when they got to take some home to their mommy and daddy!

Kory kept skipping out on me throughout the day by going to her room and listening to her music. She would get them so riled up and then when it got to be too much for her, she'd leave. Thanks a lot, Kory! LOL Later in the day, I found her laying on the couch because she was "tired". She was a little grumpy because "the boys were annoying her"!! I told her that if they bothered her that much, she should go to her own room to lay down. I had to laugh because she gets up, says "Fine!" and then stomps to her room mad (she can be very dramatic!). She comes back out about 10 minutes later and starts chasing them around again! So much for being tired and annoyed!!

I was exhausted after they went home! I kept dozing off on the couch at 8:30 then gave up and went to bed at 9:00! I think I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow! But it was worth it, we had so much fun!

Oh, and my son said that "tired and annoyed" Kory stayed up until 11:00! :0)


  1. Looks like you had a busy, but a fun filled day. Sounds like your daughter enjoyed it as well. Gotta love making a tent out of a sheet. We do that alot around here too. Get some rest today.


  2. What a busy but fun day! We watched our grandson all day Monday and now I remember why we have our kids when we are young, LOL. Rest up.

  3. To be young again!
    I know how they can be so exhausting, and mine are girls...I can't imagine boys!
    They look like they had a fantastic time!
    Rest while you can!

  4. What a fun day! Looks like the boys were having a great time at your house!

    I bet you slept good last night! LOL!

  5. Looks like my house all the time lol! Kids keep us fresh and happy - when you get time to sit back and think about all the fun together!

  6. So that is what I am headed for I guess?? LOL You really fit a lot into that day so no wonder you were so tired. I was tired reading about it all. I bet your niece was very grateful that her little ones had such a fun and welcoming place to stay.

    It was nice to see how well your beautful home adapted to little ones too!

    Thank you for always leaving me such kind comments. I so appreciate them all Kris!!

    hugs, Linda

  7. Hi Kris!....yes it's amazing how much those teenagers can sleep through, I know all about that, looks like a fun time was had by all! Janet

  8. I know just how you feel Kris, i keep my 3 year old grandaughter a few times a week, she sure keeps me on my toes!

  9. I love making tents in the livingroom with my grandbaby, I use to do it with my kids,
    I bet you need some rest now. I know I alway do after she is over. (((smiles)))

  10. You sure made that busy day fun and memorable for your little ones, Kris. I'll bet they'll be talking about it for ages! You certainly earned your good night's rest too.

    What a sweet auntie you are!

  11. What a fun day Kris! I really enjoyed reading all about it. Oh to have the energy of a three year old again....:)

  12. Looks like a house that is full of love and fun! I love the tent I remember my girls doing that when they were young.


  13. Hi Kris,
    Little boys are quite active. Michael had me running all day! My nieces were just like Kory! So dramatic! Both have their special traits you just have to love! They will remember these special days at your house! My nieces and nephews are all over 15 now and they still talk about all the fun times at Aunt Loretta's house! It warms my heart. Love the tent. I remember as a child making one with all the neighborhood kids out of the sheets that were hanging on our clothsline. I'm sure my mother was so pleased..... but she never stopped us. Bless her!Hugs, Loretta

  14. Oh's great to see them come, and it's great to see them go!

  15. Whoa you kept those little guys busy and it sure looks like they had a good time. Like someone said I bet you did sleep great last night.



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