Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don’t Faint!!!!

I know, I know. . . .it’s been, like, forever since I’ve last made a post!  Did you think I gave up blogging?  lol  Of course I haven’t!!  I’ve just been very busy.  We went from major renovation mode to getting ready for my son’s graduation party mode.  On top of that, it seems like every weekend we’ve had graduation or birthday parties to attend.  The last two weekends were the first time we haven’t had to go anywhere and it was great!!  We actually got to spend some great family time around the pool together, cooking out and just relaxing!


I finally got around to taking some photos of my kitchen.  (I didn’t forget!  lol)  It’s kind of hard getting pictures. . .either there isn’t enough light or there’s too much!  Plus, my kids are all on different schedules, so I constantly have someone in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch or snacks at all different times.  And they don’t always tidy up after themselves!!  lol

I haven’t really done anything different with my kitchen other than making the new cupboards, making new concrete countertops, installing a new light over the sink and getting a new microwave and refrigerator.  I think since we did more renovations than what we had originally planned, I kind of got burned out in the “creativity department”.  Trying to hurry and get everything somewhat put back together in time for the graduation party threw me for a loop, also.   We also installed a new roof on the house and did tons of yard work during this time, too.  I even had the fun of passing a kidney stone about two weeks before the party!  Not fun!!  Did you ever hear the comparison of the pain from passing a kidney stone to giving birth?  Let me tell you, passing a kidney stone hurt much worse than having  a baby!!  At least for me it did!!

I’m still in search of new curtains.  Nothing seems to “jump out” at me, but when I finally find the right ones, I’ll be sure to post pics.  I also would like to “tweak” my countertops.  I have no idea what I want to do yet, but, hopefully, I’ll get that figured out soon!

So this is my kitchen as it is now. . . .I also kept putting off taking pictures because I was hoping the creativity bug would bite me and I would have more exciting changes to show you.  But, I don’t so. . . .here it is.





This is a close up of my countertops.  I love the color variation in it.  I wish they were a little darker in color, but other than that, I love them!! 


I’ll post more photos of my countertop decor when I get them tweaked.


I also want to show you pictures of another project I worked on before the graduation party.

Do you remember this little sitting area in my newly renovated Family Room?  Do you see that ugly chair with the sheet over it?


Well, one day I was in Joann Fabrics and came across some Home Decor fabric that was in the clearance section that I really liked.  On top of the clearance price, the fabric was on sale for an additional 50% off!!  I bought 5 1/2 yards of fabric for around $17.00!!  I was originally going to make a slip cover for that chair, but decided to try my luck at making my own wingback chair.

I started out making a frame:


Then I added 4” high-density foam on the seat and back.  Then wrapped the whole thing with batting and stapled in place.



Then I attached the fabric using a staple gun and hot glue.


What do you think?  I’m thinking much better than the other chair!!  (Since this photo was taken, I have painted the register and “tweaked” the table top display.)


With things finally calming down a bit, I was able to make a trip to Amish country and to a couple of local antique shops.  Here’s a few of the goodies I found.  I don’t exactly know where I’m going to put this stuff, but they were fabulous buys!  The oval dough bowl was only $30 and the picnic basket was $8!




Well, that’s all for now!  I can’t promise to be back on a weekly basis, but I’ll try to post when I can!  Hopefully, when the kids are back to school/college at the end of August and they’re not in and out all day, I’ll get some piece of mind and can blog more consistently!!

Until Next Time. . . . .Kris


  1. Welcome back!! Summer is a busy time. Your kitchen looks great.

    Have a great one, Janie

  2. Wow! I love the cabinets and counter tops! You did an outstanding job with the chair!

  3. Hi Kris!
    I love your kitchen - how did you do concrete counter tops...they turned out great!!!

    And what a furniture designer you turned into...way to go!!!

    Hugs, Karen

  4. Hi Kris!...I love how you said that you didn't really do anything with the kitchen except for new cabinets, countertops, fridge, and microwave, LOL!!....I knew what you meant but that made me laugh because that's ALOT!....and boy oh boy did your kitchen ever turn out GREAT!!...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cabinets and the color you painted them!!....and the cement countertops look FANTASTIC!....love the tin light over the sink too!....and I think the decor you have on your countertops looks great!....I have tried to keep stuff out like that but husband complains that it's in the way, poo! LOL....and of course the chair you made is amazing!!


  5. Now that was worth waiting for!! you already know what I think about the chair so I can concentrate on your kitchen. FAB U LOUS!!! I love it!! You and Chuck are amazing!! I hope you get some time to enjoy all your hard work now!!

  6. It's such a treat to read apost from you again, Kris!
    Your countertops are a lovely color and blend in so well with the cupboards.

    As for your chair, it is AMAZING! I love it and what a fantastic deal on the fabric to sweeten it!

    Hope you get to chill some more and enjoy summer,

  7. When I saw the chair frame I said out loud...Are you kidding me...I can't believe it...Fabulous...You have inspired me to try one...Also can you tell us how you did the concrete countertop...It's beautiful and I love your kitchen...

  8. Hi Kris - I love your kitchen! It really looks great. What color are the walls and cabinets? Is that an olive green? Love the chair too!

  9. Very nice Kris and such inspiration! Talk about a project! I love everything-the colors and layout and everything else in between! Great chair design too!
    I agree with the kidney stone-all I could tell my family when I had mine was that giving birth I had something to show for the pain!!! The stone was far worse than anything I've ever been through.
    Hope you get to have a little relaxation soon. Sounds like you could use some.

  10. Kris...I am drooling all over your kitchen pictures!!
    OMG...and your finds (especially that dough bowl) ugh! I can't describe how much I am in love with it!
    I hope you are getting more than one day to relax!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  11. Hi Kris. It's so good to see a post from you. Everything looks fabulous! Your kitchen is gorgeous, the countertops are awesome, and the wing chair......just amazing. How do you come up with ideas like that. "Oh I don't like my chair so I'll just make one"!!!!! LOL You have more talent in your little finger than I have in my entire body! I am in awe of you! Hope the rest of your summer is filled with sweet memories of fun times with the family before the kids head back to school. Hugs

  12. Hi Kris, I am loving your kitchen as well. I really like your concrete countertops. You have been so busy and everything looks wonderful!

  13. Kris, I have really missed you... with all your wonderful photos and great posting. Great kitchen redo and I love the chair. Have a great August.


  14. Kris~

    I love how your kitchen turned out. It's beautiful!! Nice makeover on the chair too.

    Glad you're back!

  15. Well, you know I always enjoy reading your blog and today was no different. I must say that your kitchen looks amazing!! The cabinets and the countertops just look GREAT!! You have indeed been busy, but that is good every once in awhile. I also love your profile picture. I changed my background, but I am not too fond of it plus I can't seem to find a picture for my header that I like (lol). Decisions!!

    Great talking with you the other day. The zucchini bread turned out wonderful and my hubby is addicted. In a bad way....he ate practically a whole load (lol). Anyway, thanks for sharing and returning my call. Hope to talk and to see you soon. Don't work too hard and stay cool my friend.


  16. Looks great!!! Did you really put the fabric on your wingback chair with just glue and a staple gun????? I have a thrift wingback in my garage ($7) and the plain fabric to redo it like the prim make dos but haven't started because I only do very simple machine sewing and don't think I could handle it but to know it can be done with a staple gun sounds much better to me!! Yours turned out really nice, I am totally impressed!! Sandy

  17. Kris,
    I love your kitchen, it turned out gorgeous. Your makedo chair is perfect, too. You've certainly had a busy summer, I bet it feels good to relax. Love your goodies from the amish market as well. thanks for shairng.

  18. The kitchen looks great. I always love seeing your home and your redo's.


  19. Hi Kris!

    OMGOSH!!! I love how your kitchen turned out....Everything you touch just turns out great! and that chair well I think you just keep outdoing yourself....gotta ask though...is there a settleback sofa in the works!!???!!

    Great Post and I can't wait to see your countertop tweaking!

    Have a great day.


  20. Well, I did have to pick myself up off the floor but it was worth it to see a post from you again!

    Kudos to you for making your own chair! I never would have thought to tackle it myself. And the kitchen turned out fantastic!

    Have done the kidney stone thing myself.....I was 8 months pregnant at the time. The baby (#1 of 4) was two weeks late and I lost 10 pounds 'cause I couldn't keep anything down. Fun times!! And yes, the kidney stone was worse than the labor.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer with the kids!

  21. Oh Kris, your kitchen is just beautiful!! Love the colors/material choices you guys used...the cabinet color looks awesome with the concrete tops and both compliment the hues from the flooring! It's perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job on your chair too...everything you do is just super-duper-prim-FANTASTIC, girl! ;)

  22. OMG Kris... LOve everything! Your kitchen turned out amazing and the chair is beautiful.

  23. Hello! So nice to hear from you again!! I think we're all struggling to find some time this summer. Your kitchen turned out beautifully, of course. I love that you used different colors for some of the cabinetry.

    I think your chair is awesome. I showed hubby the pic and told him you made it from scratch so he wants to know if you can make us a couch? lol! We've been looking forever and can't find one we both agree on.

    Can't wait to see what you do with all those goodies. BTW, how's your dad doing and is Debra enjoying retirement? Tell her the Payroll Dept. says hello.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  24. Welcome back,, I have missed you!! WOW, your kitchen is breathtaking!! Love it,, what an amazing job you and hubby did on the cabinets, counter top, all of it.
    I just love how you decorate, that chair you made, well, that just blows my mind!! You have talents beyond talents!!!!! I am just green with envy of everything you do~ LOL
    great finds too~~ so nice to hear from you, enjoy the rest of the summer! hugs, Darla

  25. So good to see a post from you again, Kris!
    Your kitchen turned out so, so good. And I love your original chair.
    I finally made it to Primitive Gatherings in Berlin and I can't wait to go back.

  26. Kris,

    What a wonderful post!!!! So glad you are back.
    Your kitchen is amazing. You do such fabulous work. Glad things are slowing down for you. I remember those busy day. Kinda miss them!!! BTW, love you contribution to the magazine. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!


  27. Kris!!! Your kitchen makeover is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE all the colors you picked they are so warm. And that chair....well it is just amazing!!! Which anything you make is amazing. I'm so glad you are posting again I sure have missed you. Thank you so much for visiting my new blog I really appreciate it. Oh... I added you to my blog roll. Hope you have a great week.


  28. Kris, your kitchen is awesome! Love the counter tops!
    But oh my word! That chair is to die for! Girl, you did beyond great with that! I am so green with envy! You rock!

  29. Oh Kris, how I LOVE your new kitchen!!! Your cupboards are the style that I dream to have one day. Hoping in my next home :)))

    I just love the look you went with. And those concrete countertops are perfect!

    I also really LOVE your new wingback chair. It didn't seem all that hard to make. Thanks for sharing, maybe someday that could be a project for me :)

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


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