Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Few Birthday Goodies and Fall Displays

Thank you to all of my Prim friends who sent me warm birthday wishes on Monday!  It was very heart-warming to read all of the emails and comments left on my blog !  A big HUG to all of you!

*****Carrie/Unmatched Socks – I still need you to email me your address so I can mail the giveaway goodies to you!  Thanks!!*****



My sister and I headed to Amish country where she treated me to a “birthday breakfast” at Rebecca’s Tea Room & Bistro. YUM!!

I had just been there a week and a half ago and didn’t find very much.

I found this bowl for $14.00 and this jar for $6.00 at an antique mall on my first trip:




I also found these goodies on the first trip!






I found the jar on   clearance for $5.99  at a bulk food store and the light-up pumpkin at Country Gatherings in Berlin on the trip  with my sister.


I bought a lamp shade on my first trip, but it was too big for where I wanted to put it.  So I exchanged it for this one:


We bought an Elliptical machine over Labor Day weekend that was suppose to be for my birthday, but my dear sweet hubby also gave me a very generous gift certificate to Primitive Keepings where I went on Tuesday to purchase this light.



I  finally got a start at putting some fall stuff out.  I forgot that I got rid of a lot of stuff last year with the intention of making or buying new decor, so I don’t have a whole lot to show yet. (I do have a long list of things I want to make!!  lol) Again, this is just a start!!

IMG_1636 IMG_1616

IMG_1638 IMG_1618

IMG_1620 IMG_1645 IMG_1624




Don’t forget to check back here on Friday for 3 fabulous recipes!!  Italian Sausage Soup w/Tortellini  -  Swoop Bread  -   Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars w/Streusel Topping!!!

Until Next Time. . . . .Kris


  1. Hi Kris,
    Beautiful Lamp!. Love all in your fall decor!. Simply Awesome.

  2. Oh I love your fall decor..especially the tray that holds all of your pumpkins on your coffee table...I need something like that..glad you had a wonderful birthday too..:)

  3. I love all your prim goodies especially the tray of pumpkins!! Did you make them?? Gald you had a "BLESSED" birthday and got spoil yourself!! lol

  4. Glad to hear you had such a nice birthday. Love your new lamp. Your decorating looks great so far.

  5. I am glad you had such a nice time. Everything looks so nice. I feel inspired by your beautiful home.

  6. Looking that new light! Beth

  7. Kris ~
    So glad you had a happy birthday. I love your lamp ~ what a sweet dh you have. Love the fall touches throughout your home.

  8. Hi Kris,
    First of all let me say what great photos you take, and I love your fall touches around your home. I haven't been to Primitive Keepings yet, nor to that tea room. Need to get there!

  9. I always love it when you show us more of your home Kris!! MORE MORE!! I love the fall decor. I think your home is meant for Autumn too with it's wonderful warm colors!!

    How fun to be able to enjoy the day with your sister. I love mine dearly but we are as different as prim and modern!!

    And your lamp from Primitive Keepings - well it is just perfect!! And perfect where you put it too!! What a smart hubby you have to give you a certificate from such a wonderful store!!

  10. I'm so glad you had a nice day. I love the lamp your hubby "picked out" for you. Your decorations look so nice. I especially love the mum, pumpkin, and candle in your fireplace. We have ugly brass doors that must go one of these days!! Thanks for sharing all of your great finds. Have a super day.

  11. Everything looks great Kris. I really love what you have placed inside your fireplace. It just looks so simple and pretty. I may have to copy your idea if that's alright with you. Keep the pictures coming. I love your home.

  12. Great photos! Love it when you show us parts of your home. I agree with Linda, MORE MORE! What a great happy birthday lamp. Keep up the fall decorating, Dawn

  13. love all your wonderful goodies you purchased and what a great birthday gift from hubby - love the lamp.


  14. Love your fall decor Kris and I love love love the light you got!!


  15. I'm glad you had a great birthday!!..Thank you for sharing your goodies with us!!..As usual your home is wonderful and everything is perfectly placed...And I love your new reproduction lamp...A weakness I have myself!!~~hugs,Jen

  16. You found yourself some great goodies :) I LOVE your Fall Decorations/Displays. Especially the pumpkins on the coffee table...I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE IT!!!

  17. Everything looks great! Happy late birthday!

  18. Wonderful things, I would have not known that you got rid of anything. Beautiful things.

  19. What wonderful birthday goodies, Kris! And your home is already looking so inviting for fall. I really enjoyed the photos!

    And speaking of enjoyment... those recipe titles sound mighty delicious. Can't wait!

  20. I love your home so much! The fall decor looks great! I love those pumpkins on the table!


  21. I love all your fall decorations and they look terrific in your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Fall,

  22. I love seeing your home, Kris. It is just beautiful. I love all of your fall decor! Rachel C

  23. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous home, Kris!
    Love everything! Fall in your home is so warm...
    I have been so busy, I think I may have missed your special day. I'm sorry!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY-I'm so happy you had a wonderful day!

    Have a great weekend.


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