Friday, May 29, 2009

I've Made a Few Things

In between working outside, cleaning house (which you all know what that means) and helping my son with a few end of the year school projects, I found some time to make a few things.

I made this blanket crane for my bedroom. I found this Family Heirloom Weavers throw at Country Gatherings in Berlin last week and really loved it, but wasn't sure where I wanted to put it. I've always wanted a blanket crane, too. I had a huge area of wall going into my bedroom that was bare and knew that would be the perfect place to hang the crane.

I've also been redoing things in the main bathroom. I made this towel holder because I didn't like my old one and also because I bought these towels that I thought would be perfect in this bathroom and needed something nice to hang them on.

I also made this little bench to sit on the bathroom counter to put my wonderful lantern on that I got from Primitive Keepings. I think I need something to the left of the lantern but don't know what. Any suggestions?

And I made these fabric stack boxes to sit on my t.v. next to this new lamp I bought yesterday from Primitive Keepings. If you remember from my previous post, I wasn't happy with the other lamp. Does the pineapple look stupid on top of the boxes? I thought it needed a little something but not sure if this is it.

I also made these fabric boxes to sit next to the $17 lantern I got from Lisa's favorite antique shop in Amish country.

And this is a little display I put together on my living room coffee table. I went to an antique store around the corner from me to look for some old books and thought it was pretty ironic that one of the books I bought had the name of someone from a family I knew from where I grew up at and also had my dad's high school (which later became my elementary school) listed inside the front cover! Pretty neat, huh? My dad then told me that the person listed in the book was actually related to us somewhere down the line (I got lost in the translation!).

I have been doing some major tweaking lately. Ideas have just been coming to me that I'm so excited about. I have a lot of makeovers that I want to do and the list of things I need to make keeps getting longer and longer (not to mention the list of things I want to buy at Primitive Keepings!). It's frustrating because I want it all done yesterday! lol And with the weather finally getting nice, I want to be outside! Like I said in an earlier post, "I need the days to be longer!"

Well, I need to start tackling those things on that list! :-)


  1. I'm lovin everything Kris. You are a wonderful wood crafter. I sure wish I had that talent. Your blanket crane is my favorite. I think I will have to start looking for one of those myself. Already made of course. Your lamps fit perfectly in your decor. I love where you have placed them all. Might I suggest a tall jar of misc. soaps to sit beside your lantern in the bathroom. I think that would coordinate well. Your pineapple is a perfect fit on your boxes. Don't change a thing. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your tweaking.

  2. OMGosh, you DID NOT even get that lantern at my favorite antique store!?! Ok, there goes me telling you about my secret shopping places. Uh yeah, no more!! That is it I tell ya (lol). Just kidding you. I am quite envious though : ) Where did you end up hanging that old sifter that you found at that same antique mall? I was so going to pick that bad boy up and didn't. Wish I had now.

    I do love that new light that you bought at Primitive Keepings (VERY NICE). I also love all the goodies that you made. That is one thing I can't do (sad face). I wish I just had a saw, but heck I am not sure I could even make it with the right measurements and it look right at the end (hahaha). Your home looks great and I personally think the pineapple looks great on your stacking boxes.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.


  3. Oh what fun - so many new goodies and eye candy!
    In my humble opinion, I like the arrangement on the bench as it is. The lamp is large so I wouldn't put anything too large with it. The dish with soap makes sense to me. It doesn't take away from the beautiful lamp and it is also appropriate for the room.

    You are like my freind Jill with your woodworking skills - so talented!!

    hugs, Linda

  4. Kris, I am in awe of everything! Your blanket crane is beautiful, and the new lamps are so cool. I personally love the pineapple on the stacking boxes,how cute! What a source of inspiration you are...everything is just so perfectly put together!

  5. Kris~

    Everything looks GREAT!! Love it all~and you MADE it all!!?...Someday I hope to have a blanket crane like that! You do wonderful work! I think the pineapple looks great on those stacking boxes. And your display in your bathroom is just perfect as is! And I also think I would LOVE to go shopping at Primitive Keepings! :) Have a wonderful weekend! ~Sarah~

  6. Kris,
    I think everything looks great too. You are so talented.
    Have a great day.

  7. Hi Kris, Thanks for visit my blog. I love every single pic's. You make a wonderful job with the crane, bench and towel holder. They are amazing. Also, that new light that you bought at Primitive Keepings is very nice.

  8. Oh wow! What a wonderful, fun post! :) Overflowing with all kinds of PRIM GOODS!
    I just love it all! You are so talented, girl.
    Love your crane, I have that I bought a while back, just like that one, I am hoping to make one here, if I ever get caught up!! Hope it turns out as nice as yours did!
    Your blog is very enjoyable, Kris.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  9. Wow! You did alot,and it looks real yummy! In the bathroom i would'nt put anything to tall next to the lantern to take away from it.Maybe a spool or little primmed up bottle w/ label and cork of course! lol The pineapple is adorable on your boxes,it reminded me of a bow that completes the package!Have a "BLESSED" weekend!

  10. Really enjoyed reading your blog and have been admiring your talents and decorating. Everything looks perfect! Thanks for sharing the instructions on how to make a bench - I've wanted to make one but not sure how so thanks so much! I'll certainly check back, Christine

  11. I am so jealous that you can just whip up great items like that from wood!
    Your home is so warm and very inviting!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Wow Kris you are one talented gal!....your work is just beautiful!....I love the lanterns you got especially the one on your tv and the pineapple looks fine! Janet

  13. OK Kris, I am convinced that you home is absolutely gorgeous!! I know you have only shown glimpses here and there but from what I can see, it is very warm and inviting!!

    And to think you made most of it, amazes me. I wish I had 1/2 of your talent!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  14. Hi Kris,
    Great all your prim eye candy!! You are so talented!! Your home has a wonderful cozy and inviting feel to it. Thanks for sharing all the pics with us.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.
    prim blessings,

  15. Kris !
    I love it all ~ my goodness, what a talented crafter you are with such excellent taste. I love the blanket crane and I agree with Linda, the soap is perfect on the bench with the lantern. Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Oh wow! I'm so happy I ran across your blog. You are one talented gal! I've been browsing through some of your other posts, and I love everything you've done.


  17. When you started your blog, I just knew it was going to be interesting and wonderful! The blanket crane is wonderful. That is one of the next things on my wish list. I love the pineapple just where you have it. I just had one of those lamps but returned it because it did not slide up and down...does yours? I like your towel holder and the prim towels and the soap dish. So much to look at...thank you for sharing will all of us. It is a real treat!

  18. Great your blanket crane! So did you make up the pattern/instructions or buy the pattern/instructions? Thanks for sharing!

  19. Just curious are you going to do a tutorial on your great Blanket Crane? I've seen them in magazines or on peoples Blogs but none in any of the Country Stores here. Sure hope you do. Really enjoy your blog!!

  20. Love your new wooden goodies & fabric boxes... plus the display with the new old books is awesome too! :)

  21. I just finished reading your entire blog!!..So glad I came across it!!...I will definitely be back!!...hugs,Jen

  22. I love your blog and the tutorials you've given. I have been wanting to try some candles and now I think I can! Thank you!

    Take Care,

  23. Hi Kris! I love your blog. I too live in OH. I've visited Berlin & Walnut Creek many times. I'm looking forward to a day there soon. There just isn't enough time!



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