Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Need the Days To Be Longer!!

I have too many projects that I've started and need to complete, plus a few others that I'd like to do! I'm getting a little overwhelmed! I have things for outside that I would like to have completed by the time we mulch and plant flowers. Some are done, some are half done and some I have yet to start! My hubby informed me this morning that he might get mulch this weekend since it's suppose to be nice. NO!! I'M NOT READY!!! I have yard stakes cut out, but need to be painted, a stool bench, a garden bench and some bird houses that need to get done first! Well, okay, we can do the mulch, but it's too early to plant flowers. That'll give me some more time!
Here's one thing done!

On top of all that, I made the mistake of going to Berlin and Walnut Creek (small towns in the Amish community, also known as "Amish country") yesterday with my hubby and went shopping in some of my favorite stores - The Amish Peddler, Homespun Treasures, and Lisa's favorite, Country Gatherings. These stores will put you in awe!! The way they display their merchandise is so inviting that you just want to move right in! (Sorry, pictures are forbidden :( Besides, I forgot my camera!) I always come home full of inspiration and ideas that now I'm finding myself walking around from room to room making lists of things I want to change and things to make, plus lists of things I need to pick up at various stores.

It always amazes me how a small purchase can snowball into a major makeover. For instance, I bought a braided stair tread yesterday to use as a seat pad for my high back bench in my entryway and decided that now I don't like the tin of flowers on it, so maybe I'll make some pillows for it. And maybe I should paint it black instead of keeping it navy blue. Sound familiar?!! More projects!! It's never ending and I have a problem of wanting it all done yesterday! I feel like I'm spinning in circles, not knowing where to begin. I need to stop, take a deep breath, and get myself focused. I need to take one room and one project at a time. So I guess that means I need to focus on my outdoor projects first and the picture frame I bought today to turn into a mirror for the main bathroom and the wood I cut today to make a towel bar (also for the bathroom) and a dough bowl rack for the dining room, will have to be put on hold. Okay, deep breath. . .ahhh!!

I mentioned before that we went to Amish country yesterday. We started with breakfast at Rebecca's Bistro and Tea Room (no website) in Walnut Creek. It was sooo good! I had raspberry stuffed french toast with bacon and my hubby got an omelet, made to order, with toast. I'd been there before for lunch, but never for breakfast. It's such a refreshing change when compared to the food served at the Amish restaurants. I know they're big tourist attractions, and no offense to the Amish, but I think their food is rather bland. Besides, I can have roast beef, chicken and mashed potatoes at home. Rebecca's offers unique menu items such as their Turkey Berry sandwich. It has turkey, cranberry sauce, romaine lettuce, Swiss (?) cheese, sliced pineapple and some kind of sauce on toasted sourdough bread. It sounds strange, but I had a bite of my sister's the last time I went with her. It was fabulous!! The place is very quaint and charming and I love their decor (especially when I found out it was decorated by one of my favorite stores, Homespun Treasures). I can't believe I forgot my camera!!
After breakfast, we had about 45 minutes to kill before the stores opened, so we went to Lisa's favorite antique mall which was right near by. There were many things I wanted to buy, but I wanted to save my money for the "real" stores. (I had a list!) And yes, Lisa, there were 2 firkins there ( one for $39)! I left them there just for you!! LOL

I found a grain sifter for $12 and a lantern for $17. I thought the lantern was a great buy, but I don't think my hubby thought so until we came across an identical one at Homespun Treasures for $74. The only difference was the HT lantern had seeded glass. We also found a post lantern exactly like the one I posted the other day selling for $219!! Mine was only $90!

Here's a picture of the other stuff I bought. It seems I was in to textiles yesterday!!

Our final stop was at The Country Craft Cupboard. They have a large selection of patterns for cross stitch, needle punch, sewing, penny rugs, and wool rug hooking. Not to mention all the supplies that go with them. I had purchased a needle punch pattern in early December there and ran out of a Gentle Art thread color. The only place local for me that carries Gentle Art thread is 25 minutes away and she was out of that color. Needless to say, I never finished that project. So I made a point of stopping to pick up some more thread. Guess what I walked out with? Two more patterns and thread to go with them!! More projects!! Take a deep breath. . .

Aren't they cute?

Well, I need to be going - I have projects waiting :) Hopefully, tomorrow I'll post a tutorial on making a primitive bee skep made from mortar mix.


  1. Kris~
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! And I can totally empathize with the whole not having enough time in the day. Between, work, cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I get very overwhelmed sometimes. And I just wish I wouild more time to craft, etc. and turn some of these ideas running thru my mind reality. LOL!!

    Can't wait to see your tutorial tomorrow!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

  2. WOW - Sounds like you had a fabulous time!! Thanks for leaving the firkins for me : )
    What did you think of the stuffed frech toast? Wasn't it quite delicious? I loved it when I had, but then again... is there anything there that isn't good? Does Country Gathering have alot of their spring stuff out yet around their garden area? I love their bunnies that they have for the flower beds and well they have so many other cute things. Country Gathering is where I got my cupboard in my kitchen and I might try to get my kitchen table there too, but we will have to see regarding the money (lol). I wish I had more money and time to shop...gotta love going there!! Oh - I remember seeing that grain sifter... I was going to get it, I actually had it in my hand and ended up putting it back and lookee there, now you have it. Awww, shucks!! Let me know where you put it. Have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your week!!


    P.S. Can't wait to see your bee skep...SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

  3. Kris,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Amish Country. DH and I have not been up there in a few years and are planning to go in May or June. I'll have to have Lisa and you tell me all the good places to go to.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and found
    some great stuff...can't wait to see what all
    you have going...
    Prim Blessings...

  5. Ohh I just love Berlin, we usually make the trip a few times a year from NY. I always go to Sol's and the Flea Market on the weekends. Have fun with your projects :)

  6. You have alot going on but it all looks just wonderful. I love the bird house! And all of the other interesting items. Nice website...lots of fun to read. See ya tomorrow!

  7. Oh what eye candy! Lots of goodies there! So glad you found some goodies!!


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